The Ordinary School Paradox

12:45 PM–1:15 PM Jun 13, 2018 (US - Mountain)



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The act of going to school is so ordinary that most children do not question whether they need to attend (except for those occasions where they are sick or pretending to be ill to avoid a particularly boring or negative experience at school). Children go to school because they are told that they have to. End of discussion. But what if I told you that there are thousands of children that are so excited to go to school tomorrow that they can’t sleep at night? There are hundreds of students who want to get to school early because they need to be there to support their classmates and teachers in a learning experience. There are children that feel that school is the most exciting place in the world! How is that possible? The Ordinary School Paradox sets out to not only share those diamonds in the rough, schools that are doing amazing things with students and their communities, but also provide a framework for taking ordinary experiences and making them extraordinary. School is amazing and it will be my pleasure to show you all the ways it is changing the lives of students everywhere and changing our world for the better.

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